Although ADSL is a Telkom product using a Telkom landline, we offer unlimited packages on data and all our prices include the Telkom ADSL rental, so you only pay for the line to Telkom.

This product is more stable than cellular and can offer better speeds too. All you need is a ADSL Wi-Fi router and a telephone post paid line from Telkom and we will facilitate the rest for you.



Premium Uncapped Combos
Premium Uncapped Combo 4Mbps Monthly 549.00
Premium Uncapped Combo 10Mbps Monthly 899.00
Premium Uncapped Combo 20Mbps Monthly 1399.00
Premium Uncapped Combo 40Mbps Monthly 1799.00
Business Uncapped Combos
Business Uncapped Combo 10Mbps Monthly 1299.00
Business Uncapped Combo 20Mbps Monthly 2299.00
Business Uncapped Combo 40Mbps Monthly 3299.00