cellc lte


Our CellC LTE  data than going to the network directly. Our wholesales prices will ensure you can afford more. This can be topped up at anytime so once you have achieved your limit it does stop therefore eliminating the possibility of a hefty bill . Ideal for a home business that has no fiber or ADSL connectivity.

CellC LTE connectivity is limited to areas so this service is ideal for office type of enviroments more than a mobile enviroment. Also is ideal for a small business to run their VOIP services ( maximum four users) however this does depend on the strength of the signal. We do provide VOIP solutions too.

You can opt with a router that you can plug multiple devices as well as connecting WIFI. Please ensure that the coverage in your area does exist to avoid any disappointment .

You can opt for a sim only or a router ( R1000 upfront ) , all on a month to month contract , cancel with 30 days notice . Call us now and we can check your coverage and see if you qualify for the Rain LTE promotions. Please note that we are B2B service provider and we only offer sales and support for business during business hours.

Call us now so we can check the coverage in your area, we will only proceed of you have LTE coverage on the map. Should you wish not to pay for the modem you can sign up for six month upfront and we will waiver the R1000 modem fee. Lets get your business connected and exposed to the rest of the world

*Dependent on areas where CellC LTE is available.

CellC LTE Data Bundles Prices


Mobile Quota
Mobile 50GB Monthly 399.00
Mobile 100GB Monthly 579.00
Mobile 200GB Monthly 869.00
Huawei B315 Once off 1000.00
Huawei B618 Once off 1299.00