express vpn

Express VPN

Express VPN or Nord VPN, which is better for your security and online presence?

So many VPN’s on the market how would we know what to choose?

Table of the product specifications of a multiple range of services . Sometimes getting the cheapest product wont protect like you need , for example in a case of streaming , lagging can be painful during a movie , song or podcast. Whilst using VOIP with a VPN ,you are less likely to get hacked and land up with a hefty landline bill which will be your responsibility.

Another good feature is locking your VPN to an international IP address and changing your Netflix address to another country and enjoy better or different movies and TV series that are not allowed in other regions.

Increased Ip address protection when banking or using crypto services is so vital to your accounts not being hacked or found by unwanted parties. This is even more essential in Decentralised exchanges as they could be vulnerable without authentic security features .

Nord VPN has the fastest connection speed by almost double of its nearest competitor.

Express VPN doesnt have the Wiregaurd facility for best speeds as well as most of Nord VPN competitors. Nord VPN has double the amount of servers worldwide compared to all other competitors including Express VPN. Nord VPN has also one of the better customer support interaction of all its competitors .Just because you get it from u s cheaper than directly With Nord VPN ,you still get the full product of and service offered .

The demand for VPN’s are rising due to censorship on social media , being able to access more info is vital to everyday safety and security. Is your online profile and banking worth R129 per month ,if you have answered yes ,you should sign up right now.

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