fibre internet south africaGet Fibre internet connectivity and enjoy faster and more stable speeds for all your online needs, all our services are uncapped. Although we move away from the copper cable set up, we are getting far better stability, speeds and a lot less lag on connectivity.

This also eliminates copper cable theft and there would be only exceptional reasons for it to be down. Unfortunately this is only available in a few areas for now.

Fibre Packages

Small Business Uncapped Combo
Uncapped  (incl. 4/Mbps  Line) Monthly R599.00
Uncapped  (incl. 10/8Mbps  Line) Monthly R899.00
Uncapped  (incl. 20/Mbps Line) Monthly R1,299.00
Uncapped  (incl. 40/50Mbps
Monthly R1,699.00
Uncapped (incl. 100/Mbps
Monthly R1,999.00
Medium Business Uncapped Combo
Uncapped Premium (incl. 4/Mbps  Line) Monthly R799.00
Uncapped Premium (incl. 10/8Mbps Line) Monthly R1,299.00
Uncapped Premium (incl. 20/Mbps  Line) Monthly R1,999.00
Uncapped Premium (incl. 40/50Mbps Line) Monthly R2,499.00
Uncapped Premium (incl. 100/Mbps Line) Monthly R2,999.00
Large Business Uncapped Combo Fibre Line
Uncapped Business (incl. 8Mbps Line) Monthly R1499.00
Uncapped Business (incl.10/Mbps Line) Monthly R1,599.00
Uncapped Business (incl. 20Mbps Line) Monthly R2299.00
Uncapped Business (incl. 40Mbps Line) Monthly R2,999.00
Uncapped Business (incl. 100Mbps Line) Monthly R3,999.00
Uncapped Business (incl. 200Mbps Line) Monthly R4,999.00