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Google SEO

Google SEO services - You now have your website but you want to attract new clients ? You need Gooogle SEO  Services to bring in clients. We have now introduced an even lower package for small business. Putting everybody on the same playing field. In sales there is a push and pull effect. Pushing your product onto someone has become a lot more difficult over the years, especially when technology is at everybody's fingertips. The art of convincing people to buy your product has to be on point to be successful. The pull effect is when clients come to you already with the objective of buying, they are ready, provided they can find the right supplier to assist. How many times have you responded to an advert on the radio or TV when buying a product? Yet companies are wasting millions to try and achieve any type of return of investment. What happens if you cannot afford millions to advertise ? Over the years radio, TV and newspaper ads have been on the decline as the results are not what they used to be. The sale is already half done when a client comes to you. Google SEO South Africa is the number one search engine globally for clients to find you and your company. We also do offer VirtualNumbers so clients can reach you globally

SEO - What is SEO ?

Search engine optimization is the combination of using the right formula and SEO services South Africa and  tools to help rank your website within the Google searches. The higher you are listed or closer to page one the more clients will visit your website which ultimately will lead to sales. Google SEO services include the implementation of all the necessary seo keywords, SEO optimazation, SEO copywriting and changing the SEO website to get the best results. Although SEO can take longer than ( Pay per click ) it does have a better long term effect as well as a cheaper, therefore you wont see an immediate effect, you may even take months before seeing any results. Our SEO packages start from R899 once off and go up to R3799 depending on the nature of your WordPress website. A SEO specialist will be happy to call you to chat more. We are a SEO South African based company. Startup fees do vary according to the work required to become SEO ready. Copywriting fees are excluded, costs are around R450 per page for approx 300 words.

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SEO Packages

Monthly SEO packages Monthly R999.00
SMALL - SEO set up 1-5 pages Once off R899.00
MEDIUM - SEO 6-10 pages Once off R1899.00
LARGE - SEO 11-20 pages Once off R3799.00