Nord VPN

Nord VPN

We are extremely delighted to be offering Nord VPN through our bouquet of services to South African clients , you will actually find that our prices are slightly cheaper than going to Nord VPN directly. Especially with the fluctuating Rand/Dollar exchange , our prices stay constant.

Choosing the Best VPN on the market is essential for your speeds , protection and anonymity. With over  5500 Nord VPN server and 59 countries to choose from you can assure the best delivery of  a VPN. Using public WIFI can be dangerous , especially internet banking or crypto transacting. Using a VPN will secure your browsing and ensure you cannot be hacked.

With Nord Vpn’s no logs policy we dont care what you do or dont do online and we dont track it either . Your anonymity will be just that , anonymous. You will also be protected from malware and malicious sites, the pages are automatically deleted to protect your device from viruses and hacking. But it isn’t just about being hidden but also to protect you from ISP tracking your logs and third party protection. You will also be able to access social media and other apps that are forbidden in certain areas , for example getting better content on Netflix by simply registering your self in another global area. If your favourite social media app is now prohibited in your country  you can simply change your IIP address to another country and gain access to the app and your info .

You can also block any annoying pop up ads , and ensure uninterrupted browsing and streaming without the frustration.

To get started simply create an account , order the service you require and make payment . Once received it does take a few minutes for activation.

See all the Nord VPN features and get a full understanding of the product and its benefits before signing up.


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