Search Engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine marketing is a campaign run by a company that will want to enlist their products and services using ads . There are mainly two types of search engine marketing , namely : SEO and Google Ads.

They both do have differences in how they are run and managed with different outcomes.

SEO : This is known as the organic route. Setting up a website to be SEO ready involved back end work , with adding text , images and ensuring the page is SEO friendly. This process takes a lot longer to rank and getting closer to page one. The good thing is that the more users are clicking on those links the more you will rank closer to page 1. However once the keyword starts to rank higher it generally tends to stay closer to page 1 , barring competitors efforts.  The position doesnt fluctuate drastically and only marginally.  Factors such as domain ranking , content quality , updates to content and the website will also favour the likelihood of better ranking . The long term effect is that those keywords are not affected with a direct budget and they will feature 24/7.

 Ads Google ads : is the other preferred method to advertising on a search engine . This requires no back end editing and setup . Ads are created on a Google platform with relevant keywords and ads. This process requires a budget , everytime a client clicks on a keyword it is taken from your Ads campaign budget . IE if you have $100 and each click is $10 you only get 10 clicks . Once the search engine marketing campaign has run out of funds for the day the ad will disappear, whilst the ad is being clicked on and the budget is nearing completion the ad will also start to move further down the page and eventually to page 2 or 3.  You also have to compete against bigger corporates with bigger search engine marketing budgets.

Choosing the correct search engine marketing method is simply a question of the marketing objective .  If you are able to do both for short term and long term objectives , then it will have the better results as opposed to doing either or.

A friendly consultant is always available to discuss in depth to help you find the best  Search engine marketing solution for your company .

We currently have Virtual Numbers for your business too . You will need a landline to register a Google Ad for your search engine marketing campaign .

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