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What is SEO?

What is SEO services South Africa? Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO) is the readiness of your website with Google search engines and other affiliated search engines and ranking as high as possible. Getting onto page One will get potential clients calling your business for sales more than any other page on Google.

So what is SEO services South Africa? and the best SEO tools that have resulted in the best success?

One of our favorite SEO tools is writing articles and posting it to your website and social media platforms. The more active your website the more Google like it and rank you higher. They really don’t like stagnant websites. We can write up articles for you ensuring the correct keywords are used and optimizing each post to the maximum. Websites start to rank so much better almost immediately after releasing a posted article. The article will also link to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This will also get your followers up on each platform.

Another SEO tool that works best is linking your site to suppliers , clients and social media platforms . The more popular your site is the more popular you become with Google. Be careful not to list your clients websites without them reciprocating the favor as this may count against you. If you want you can also use paid online directories to get you more noticed, but you can also use free ones too.

We also have free online business directories included in our pricing structure. Speaking of pricing structure our SEO Packages are all once off fees and include monthly reporting as well as article management and SEO readiness . You can view all our  SEO packages

Tremendous amount of time and energy goes into behind the scenes,into ensuring the site is Google ranked and showing up in your potential customers searches. Let us manage SEO for your company while you concentrate on your clients relationships.

Ask how you can get a free 087 VirtualNumber with your SEO package.

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