SSL certificate

SSL certificates

Without a SSL certificates you will be left behind by not securing your website.

Not only does it create a safety feature for clients and their browsing needs it also becomes necessary for Search engine optimisation and ranking , as well as certain browsers not showing your website at all. Even if they do may issue a warning  that your site is not secure and would advise against proceeding. There is no way any browser would use your website after seeing that. With so much online fraud and phishing scams out there , there is no way risking any of your info or payment details should ever be compromised.

SSL Certificates is essential to internet security and browser experience. Certificates used to establish an encrypted connection and allow data to be transmitted securely between a browser or user’s computer and a server or website. Never ever use a payment opting website without an SSL certificate . You will easily spot it on the https:// . The S in the Http is the secure option , you will also see a green lock or red lock depending on the browser you are using.

We only use the best SSL certificates in the industry from Rapid SSL , GeoTrust and DigiCert. You can easily order the best SSL certificate for your needs . You can view all three products on our page :

Reason to offer three is no SSL certificate is the same as any other, from Domain validation to organization validation to extended validation. These three categories are secure in domain to organisation to industry validation. Some certificate may take longer to be issues than others.

From R286  per annum you can get your SSL certificate even if you dont host through us . Simply order it online and wait a couple of minutes for the service to activate. Do get in touch should you need in depth assistance.

Secure your VoIP Number with us.


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