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What are you doing to attract clients?

PUSH VS PULL ( website SEO) effect on advertising.

On a daily basis we are exposed to thousands of brands trying to grab our attention. When ads come on the radio or TV most of us switch off or forward to the end of the ad break . Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of Rands trying to catch someones attention when they are not interested. Let them come to you via a website SEO strategy.

So what do we do ? How do we pull clients towards us ? When a client comes searching for a product they are the most likely to buy. 80% of all new clients looking for a product or service will make use of a search engine like Google, BING as well as a well advertised business directory. The reach on potential clients can be as far as local , national and international.

Google and search engines have two methods of getting noticed PPC ( pay per click ) and website SEO ( search engine optimisation) and to be honest both of them work really well together .

However  PPC is  effective immediately ,  whereas website SEO gives you a long term solution at a fraction of the costs PPC could cost you . Choosing one or the other becomes dependent on the goals and objectives of your campaign.

Get those phones ringing with clients wanting your product. There is no better feeling.

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