domain registration

Domain Registration

Domain registration with us in 3 easy steps has never been simpler. Giving the product or company a name is easliy done :

Check you domain availability by simply typing in the address you require and and hit the search button . It will then give you the availability for all the TLD’s ( , .com etc) . The best type pf name for a domain is always the description of the product ( like for car rental company ) This will help with Google finding and ranking your domain quicker than your company.

The next step would be to get a hosting account so that you can store your website , the bigger the site the bigger the space needed. Hosting with a domain registration will also allow you to get personalised emails with your domain name . Our packages start from R19 pm with unlimited email addresses , you will still be confined to the space of storage on your hosting account.

Check out your domain registration and hosting with a payment and the domain then becomes yours. Always best to own the domain with a name of the company so that ownership can never be questioned . If possible even a trademark would make it near impossible for competitors to use that keyword .

When considering a domain registration it is also important to consider the TLD like or .com etc . This signals to your client where you are from as well your limitations or non limitations in servicing world wide clients, for example signals to a client a South African company and it services South African clientele whereas a .com signals international presence and may have multi international branches as well servicing clients on an international level.

Get started today and check out your domain registration and its availibility.

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