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Buy Domain registration is really made simple with us. You can check for your domain that you have in mind and see if it is available . If it is you can simply register it under your own name and pay for it. Click here to see if it is available :

a domain registration will cost R79 per annum. We also have a variety of TLD’s available including .com , .org , , ,  , , .joburg , .capetown, .durban and .accountant .

Why would a typical have domain registration with different TLD’s ? It all depends on your companies location or industry. A new TLD like .accountant is ideal for finance industry . If you are a tourism company for example in Durban then it would be ideal to get a .durban TLD.

How does all of this make a difference ? When your potential clients are looking for you on Google , a typical search would be”backpacker in Durban” and what it would do is find your website easier as the name is in the domain . You will always get the best results when your domain has the keyword requested. Always.

Its not always the best thing to have your company as your domain but getting the keyword relatable to your company or industry. Here are some clear examples :

If your company was a company called ABC shirts , a suitable domain registration would or ( if you are internationally targeted) . When a potential client searches shirts on google , your domain name would be sure to be listed on the first page ( please be aware that SEO and other exercises would have to be created to ensure this high ranking ) but a contributing factor would definitely be the name .

Once you buy domain it is yours forever provided you manage and maintain it . You can always ask for guidance in getting the correct domain registered.

We also do Virtual Landline numbers , check us out on

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