The first thing to starting an online business or having an online presence would be to have a domains name that represents your company name , brand name or product name. This will help with your searches and being found easier in Google search engines for example : You could have a company name ABC PTY LTD , so you could decide on a domain name called . This type of domain would be more about your company and having a digital profile . ABC Pty LTD offers car insurance as a service so you could have a domain called , this would help in getting found a lot quicker when the domain name represents a high volume keyword.

Another consideration is your geographical domain TLD is the .com or, Most .com domain names are all about reaching a worldwide audience whereas for example is more South Africa targeted domains.

We also have area specific domains like .joburg and .durban . This is great for city targeting like in the tourism industry or community services . We also have industry related domains like .accountant and .online . This signals to a potential or non potential customer what your objectives are . Some clients like to deal with local suppliers for logistic , pricing and communal offerings as opposed to further away suppliers .  Its like trying to order an item from Europe and waiting a month to receive it , whereas you could deliver in 1-2 days if you were local.

The first step is to really decide the name of the domain and the next step is to check if its available , you can do so by clicking on 

To check if its available is completely free and only once you have paid for it will it become yours. Our prices are from R79 per annum upwards of R399 per annum . Get yours now and risk losing your domain forever.

Get your landline number from for only R89pm

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