google my business

Google My Business

So you are wondering how do i google my business. There are two options to this question which is Adwords and SEO .

Adwords is a pay per click option , as clients see your AD on google , they will click on it and you pay a price per keyword . And the more they click the more the advert disappears from page one and position one , unless you have a really high budget. The higher the budget the better the results , a good average of budget will R7500- R15000. This can turn out to be really expensive

SEO is more of a organic method and requires a lot more work to get into first page and positioned number one . A series of apps , links to social media , and articles based system will get you to page one. This may take a longer but the positioing of your AD is more constant , the more you get clicked on the more you get positioned higher. You will also need to have other sites offering links to your website , in which we can assist.

Now which one is better in getting you the best results for a google my business concept? There isnt one really and mostly dependant on the circumstances, in fact when running both concurrently will be the most benefit to getting the best result. Once organic keywords start to position themselves the lesser the budget can be by eliminating the particular keyword campaign and therefore decreasing your advertising budget .

So lets get started on getting you to google my business strategy and get noticed by hundreds of clients daily . Get your phones ringing and start taking orders.

If you would like to see our packages please click on prices . Please remember there maybe a set up fee for SEO to prepare your site to be SEO ready .


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