We are now offering 30% discount for the next 30 SEO clients.

SEO is one of the most effective ways to get your company noticed by thousands of clients without having to spend huge amounts of funds to advertise with your more conventional media like TV, radio , newspaper and pamphlets. With the old conventional systems there was alot of hit and miss as clients dont pay attention to the AD unless they are in that specific period of wanting that product.SEO

The nice thing about Google is that clients are in a buying space and are coming to you , all you need to do is close the sale. We do have various ways of getting effective ways to get your site ranked , we also take into consideration like mobile SEO , blogging , links to social media to speed up the process of climbing that ladder to page one . Anything else besides on page one and your chance of getting ranked will be less than 10%.

Clients do need to be more active and involved with this strategy compared to Adwords , however the system is cheaper , alot more stable in regards to positioning . PPC you will need a larger budget and on a daily basis will fluctuate according to clicks. The more clicks you get with SEO the quicker you climb . If you dont have the time to write your own articles we do have our in house copywriters that will create an attractive and effective blog with related keywords. We do not limit the amount of keywords you can rank with as we encourage the more the better . Your success is our success.

Our monthly prices include hosting and a full telephone system that will help and record your calls received from the website, We do WordPress SEO sites for best results.It is important to measure your campaign on a daily basis , besides the normal reporting we offer , its nice to see how many calls you did receive as opposed to just hits. Calls made to the company will sell your product more than hits on the website . Certain pacakges also include copywritten articles for your success. We also can list you on at no extra cost for further exposure. See our prices in full . For the next 30 clients we will offer a 30% discount .

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