internet service provider

Internet Service Provider

Starcom is a B2B Internet Service Provider offering DATA , VOICE And GOOGLE Services all under one umbrella for your business needs, convenience and bottom line.

We cater more for your smaller to medium sized business as well your home business.

As an Internet Service provider we started in 2002 with web design and hosting and were running under the umbrella of Webnology . We grew our client base and soon realised that our clients needed more than just hosting and web design. So we expanded our services to data connectivity like LTE and Fibre and also voice services.

We offer an unique voice product where you can configure your own telephone system and you dont even have to be an expert or technician. This Voice product is a world class system and there is no other like it. All Voice providers In South Africa will not allow you to play with your own PBX system, instead will encourage a support expert to assist you leaving you to rely on human experience which can not be the best at times.

We also have agremeents with multiple Fibre carriers and  thus giving us the opportunity for the best price and avaialbility to suit you. We have your ‘home’ type of Fiber which is good enough for small business but we also have dedicated Fibre lines with a lower contention ratio.We also have LTE packages through MTN  for the smaller business and those that dont have Fibre connectivity. Ideal for small anf home based companies.

SEO and Adwords have become such a huge impact of our online business presence. Everyone wants to be on page one and now that we offer services that are so competitive you wont want to go anywhere else. Starting from R399 per month to get your company on page one . Page one is where your phones will ring with potential new clients.

So give us a call now for a no obligation quote , and lets see how we can help you today and get your business into full swing and make this year count.

We know how much you want to connect to the world, connect with us, connect to your future.

Contact Starcom to activate your service, We are available for any queries or concerns you may have.

Starcom internet provider services Data, Voice and Internet are prepaid and run month to month.


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