What is google advertising?

What is google advertising?

What is google advertising?  Some Service providers specialise in SEO and some in Adwords , whereas we will do both for you giving you more listings on page one . Page one is where its all at , page one will get your phone ringing . It makes sense to have multiple listings on page. And it’s leaving you confused with who to use

Google Advertising Company does all your Google work for you. So what is Google advertising?

There are two ways to advertise on Google I.E. Adwords and SEO.

Adwords is a much faster way to get listed on page one but its also more expensive.Your positioning will also fluctuate according to your budget , you may find yourself on page two by 10h00 AM , you will lose out on any momentum for the rest of that day . There is also the sneaky tactics of competitors clicking on your Ads , wasting your money and positioning

SEO takes a little longer to feature on page one but once you there , you will stay there. The more people click on your Google SEO listing the better you start to rank . There is also a little more work involved in writing articles with certain keywords BUT in the long run its where most clients start to see the benefits of Adwords .

So which is better ? Both !! As they have pro’s and con’s but no doubt they both work . The best formula is to have both and thats the truth. The better the SEO becomes the less the budget will become too .

How do we price our management fee? We will set up the account for you , choose the best keywords , create Google ads. We will also manage keywords and reports on performances. Our fee is a start up of R650 once off with a R399 monthly management fee ( excluding your advertising budget ) or 10% of the budget whichever is the greatest.


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