Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

Is your SEO campaign mobile SEO ready? People are always on the move, and searches to find a product or company instantly is on the rise especially whilst driving and doing searches NEAR ME .

Did you know that between 50-70% searches are now being conducted on mobile devices like cellphones and tablets. Did you know that some searches do vary according to the device you are using?

Therefore the Mobile SEO searches could have a better impact on your searches by your potential clients. So whether your SEO strategy is for worldwide audience or simply LOCAL SEO then you have to consider implementing Mobile SEO or AMP ( accelerated mobile pages)

Mobile unfortunately only works with certain technologies and platforms and we know how. Give us a call now and we can get your SEO campaign mobile ready immediately.

So why does Mobile have a different strategy ? According to Google the quicker your page downloads on Mobile data search the quicker and the better you will rank , and thats what Mobile SEO does exaclty , it downloads your page destination quickest and therefore it ranks your page a lot higher than a standard SEO ready page . It doesnt compromise the quality or the wording at all but it just creates a better mobile viewing pleasure for your readers.

Dont waste any more time and get in touch and see how we can help your website rank as high as possible.

Google have not announced it but when it comes to voice searching it will be directly linked to your Mobile SEO as most voice searches are done on mobile devices anyway. Google estimates that almost all searches done in the near future will be voice searches. Speak to us now and see how we can help you right now . Dont be left in the dark ages with SEO .





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