SEO South Africa

SEO South Africa

Starcom is an SEO South Africa Company that is getting all the the right results with the companies we are dealing with . We started getting results in highly competitive enviroments , getting clients on page one within a few weeks . Normally that would cost you several thousand rands a month on PPC . Yes it takes longer but it lasts longer than any PPC campaign ever will . Although the best results always work when both campaigns are running simulataneously. Eventually when SEO becomes stronger, your PPC budget will automatically decrease as time goes by. Some clients even land up cancelling the PPC campaign and solely concentrate on SEO .

The first thing we look out for is your website , making sure it is SEO South Africa friendly and compatible. If it isnt, dont stress we can convert it for you with out breaking your bank account . Upon completing this we do look at other ways like social media , website updates and keyword research.

Using SEO in todays world is the most common method nowadays for companies to find the products you are looking for and it helps to shop around . If you havent thought about SEO yet , its a really good time to start .

Ask yourself this question , Would you be willing to increase your turnover by 10% ( as a starting step) and only spend less than you can fill a trolley full of groceries ? If you said yes, then SEO is for you and your company , get in touch now and lets see how we can drive your company forward .

Check out our prices and our current special is R399 for the next 30 clients ( Until spaces are available and prices will be normally priced at R899 per month. Dont delay and miss out on this ludicrous price to take your business to the next level of exposure .

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